4 weeks straight, Going on five. Missed easter. Missed my roomates birthday. Missed my nephews first hair cut. Missed 90% of everything else going on in the world. 

But its all gonna be worth it. 14% of my monthly income goes straight into my retirement. 250$ a month into my investment portfolio. 50$ to my savings. 100$ to live off of. The rest goes to paying off my legal fees and pulling myself out of debt.

Some people would say I dont really have a life. But I disagree. Ive got two decent jobs for an uneducated 21 yr. old, a sick little studio apartment, and a bitchin brand new 2017 ford focus. I’ve got everything I need and I’m in the process of aquiring everything I want.  I want to work for myself, and I want to get bloody rich doing it. I have ample skill in all things creative and theres not a medium that comes to mind that I havent worked with or studied.

Yeah, yeah, I know, money isnt everything. But financial security? Professional freedom? Sleeping in once a week? Cant think of anything I deserve more…

Im 21, of course I want to have fun. No, I didn’t want to work until 7am on my 21st birthday then go back in at 4pm with the world’s most excruciating hangover. But I will do whatever it takes to live the kind of life I deserve. 80 hours a week? No problem. 6 hours of sleep max? Easy peasy. Spending the rest of my free time working on my extra side hustles? That one actually sounds like fun…


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