Why having two jobs is awesome:

I’m a do-er. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. I know I dont want a basic life so I know I have to live a non-basic lifestyle. I work roughly 80 hours a week and spend most of my free time thinking of ways to make, or save more money. 

80 hours a week. Lets talk about that. There’s 168 hours in one week. 80 hours spent at work, about 46 hours are spent sleeping (absolutely no wiggle room there) about 9 hours a week spent getting ready for work, a 15 mintue drive to, from, and home daily so lets say roughly 4 hours hours driving a week. I’m left with 31 hours a week to pay bills, go shopping, see my family, clean(ish), and trying to live somewhere in between all that mess. 

Wow. It sounds super depressing when you put it like that. 

The thing is I love working. Even if I hate my jobs sometimes, I’ve always been passionate about doing a good job and making do with what I have.

Having two jobs is like having twin 2 year olds constanly screaming at you for attention. One is always crying and the other one is always jealous of you taking care of the crying baby. 

It was a major lifestyle adjustment but in the 4 months since I’ve picked up my second job, I’ve learned sooooo much. Here’s why i literally kill myself working two jobs:

  1. 2 separate 401k plans. If you aren’t taking advantage of your 401k, you’re insane and missing out on a lot of money. In my experience, companiesw will usually match up to 7%. Which is awesome, but what if you could get 14% without really missing out on anything? Most people would say they can’t afford to start saving up for retirement right now, but honestly, you cant afford not too.
  2. Extra job security. I recently heard a rumor that one of my jobs is planning on selling a few of our stores throughout the states. They assured us no jobs were in jeopardy but i know how that game goes. No chances for this gal.
  3. More opportunities. While i consider my overnight job my main job (40+ hours guaranteed) The workload at the bakery is  getting insane. They’ve only had one cake decorator for about a year now. While she insists she has it totally under control, I think i can upsell enough cakes to change her mind. Cake decorating, being one of my favorite hobbies, the second they bring up hiring in someone else i swoon.
  4. It  might encourage your initial employer to consider your worth to the company. I’ve been pressuring my boss to move me back to management for some time now. Drop a few hints about how much everyone loves you at your new job, they’ll start to sweat. 
  5. More experiences. Not only do i have great customer service experience. In the past year alone I’ve acquired baking, desert finishing, and retail experience. That will look pretty bitchin on my next resume.
  6. New networking opportunities. If you’re anything like me, which you probably aren’t, because I’m a fucking alien, you probably have a hard time connecting with people. Trying to be an entrepreneurial introver is the worst. But after 4 months Im totally comfortable at my new jobs and I made friends with this awesome chick who offered to make my sisters business card in exchange for some macarons. Working at a bakery is the shit. 
  7. More money (duh) I mean, yeah, no better way to put it.

    See, it’s not awful, Im not totally miserable, though i am perpetually exhausted.  It’s making me stronger, it’s making me tougher, and in some super weird way, I think its making me happier.


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