How to work two jobs (and not turn into a zombie)

I’m up to month four and though it still gets chaotic, I’m starting to find balance again. 

Here’s pretty much how it went:

  • Month 1: Totally excited, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I was soooo enthusiastic about everything, yet terrified I was biting off more than I could chew. Along with multiple breakdowns, I was consistenly late for my old job for about a week straight.
  • Month 2: Why am I terrible at everything? When is the last time I showered? What is food? These are the questions I asked myself as I stared at my clock, counting down the minutes until I had to be back at work. Wait, where am I supposed to be at 3???
  • Month 3: My savings look sooo pretty! Some normalcy has returned and I can actually see my family again. 
  • Month 4: I am literally superwoman.

My life pretty much HAS to revolve around efficiency and budgeting at this point. I feel invincible, really. So here’s some awesome tips on how to skip SOME of the misery i put myself through.

  1. Pre-packing meals. My family literally hates me for how much I talk about this, but I feel like any busy person who isn’t doing this is missing out.
  2. Eat healthy, not boring. Salads are the easiest of the pre-packed meals to make. But after about four weeks straight, you’ll skip one and begin a week long McDonalds binge. But eating healthy will make everything so much easier on your body. Protein and complex carbs. Also, coffee is not a food group.
  3. Coffee? Kinda… So I have a high caffeine tolerance, but recently I have realized it can still catch up to you. Missing out on sleep for a quick wake-me-up is sooo not worth it. So my rule for myself is, drink away at the first job, but halfway through second shift: STOP.
  4. Exercise is something I hear a lot, but I think it only really applies if you have a desk job. Though standing in one place is pretty exhausting for me. So get your blood pumping but don’t go overboard if you’re already on your feet all day.
  5. Don’t fall into convienience costs. This can deter all of your effort to save money, pay off debt, whatever else your doing working two jobs. This includes fast food. The dollar menu tricks you into thinking it’s a bargain (It’s not), Shopping at expensive stores because they’re closer. I work at a Gas station & Wholefoods. I literally cannot afford to shop at these places. Delivery fee’s. You can drive to the store in three minutes and save yourself 3$ plus a tip. Your not that tired.
  6. Scheduling. It will be more likely that your oldest job is willing to work with schedule changes. So make sure they NEVER overlap. I had the same 2 days off for teo months and I prefer it to the way it is now. Yes its easier to schedule extra things, but I had a great system of bill day/ see people day and my day of catching up on sleep and destressing.
  7. Remeber: even if you feel like it, you are not superwoman. You were 5 minutes late: chill, it’s okay. And jumping into something you don’t know is hard. Let yourself relax.
  8. Keep your jobs seperate. I still answer the phones with the wrong place of business and adk people if they want a receipt at the bakery. I dont have a register at the bakery. Promise not to stress about one job while you’re at the other, and promise not to stress about either while you’re at home.
  9. ×2 401k!!! Try to match it with your companies limit, but at least do something!! You’re literally throwing away money not doing it.

    In short take advantage of your situation and stay positive. Happiness can be found anywhere in anything and you have to make the most of it.


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