Quickthoughts – My favorite survey site❤

I’ve made a few buck with online surveys before. Usually very slowly, and with a lot of time involved. 

However, three months ago after reading some random blog about surveys, I downloaded like ten that wasted my time, plus Quickthoughts. Guys, this is a good one. 

Okay, so occasionally you get a “mission”- mine included going to our local Walgreens and taking pictures of their candy stand and answering questions. This paid 20$ in Amazon gift cards. The minimum payout is $20. Haven’t got one of them since, but I check it everyday when on break, or during my down time. I also hear you get a lot more missions in bigger cities.

I’ve made about $60 so far. Right now I have $30, and I’m saving it for a new pair of work shoes. 

You won’t make a ton of money using it, but it will save you money on things you’d be buying anyways. 

A little off the subject, but, My here’s my best tips for using survey apps 

  • Download several at a time.
  • Keep the notifications turned on.
  • Check them daily.
  • Keep you location turned on.
  • Keep your phone charged, so you dont miss out!

Here’s the link to Quickthoughts: http://www.quickthoughtsapp.com.

10/10 def. recommend it. 


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