2 adults, 1 baby, 1 studio

When I first moved out, my biggest worry was money. How the hell am I supposed to handle ALLL THISSS by myself?!? It wasn’t my first time on my own, but it was my first time not having an excuse to fail. 

I got used to it real quick and I loved living by myself. Without going into too much detail, back in march my friend and his son hit some hard times. So I offered them a room. The only room. I sleep on my insanely comfortable couch so I figured i wouldn’t miss the space. I do. My little studio was the perfect size for me and my stuff, but me and a roomate AND a baby. Not too well. But for 1/2 the rent I decided it would be worth it.

My only other roomate was a literal psychopath, so I cant really complain. Make it so or do or do without, right? 

There’s good and bad things about deciding to have a roomate. Less rent is pretty awesome. Less space kind of sucks. Helps with chores is cool. But only if they pull their own weight. 

If you are thinking of allowing 1 &1/2 people into your space, heres somethings you need to think about and soem things to help you transition.

  1. Get rid of any and everything. Clothes, furniture, filler food you’ll never eat, extra hangers, I mean EVERYTHING you dont need. Every. Single. Thing. Try to do it BEFORE they start moving their stuff in. 
  2. Set up your rules and don’t budge. I’m not sure if I’m actually allergic to roaches but my gma told me I was once so I HATE them. So no food scraps or crumbs anywhere for any extended period of time. I haf to drill this so hard it actually started fights, but it’s finally where it needs to be. 
  3. Help each other. I can’t imagine living with someone I wasn’t comfortable with. One amazing thing about living with your friends is you will both sympathize with each other. He knows how busy I get and he is always helping me with my chores I dont have time to do. And since I’m the amazing budgeter, he knows to come to me with money issues before anyone.
  4. Run a tight ship. Even if you arent insane enough to cram 3 people in a studio, the more people in your place, the better you need to keep it together. Think, everyone leaves their towel in the bathroom, everyone throws their change on the table, and everyone keeps their lighters everywhere. Shit piles up quick so get it together. 
  5. Get your designated spaces. Eric has his drawer and I have mine. Eric has my chrarger and I have mine. Eli is the exception to the rule because 2 yr. olds have no concept of privacy or personal space.
  6. Get alternating schedules. Maybe not in the beginning. If your space is super small, though, you WILL get sick of each other. Especially if you only have a door to the bathroom. 
  7. Turn the goddamn lights off. Open the curtains it’s light out. Just because it’s the rule, especially if only one person pays utilities.
  8. Company. Always give notice when you are having company, so anal 20 somethings will have time to clean and put on eyeliner. 
  9. Utilize every square inch of space. Because, a foot above the fridge, a foot above the tv, five inches under the bed, that one empty kitchen drawer, all that empty space will literally save you wll the time in the world. I recently bought six shelves and they are all, now totally full and amazing.

So there ya gooo!!! Roomates can be awesome and annoying, and they definitely arent for everyone. But it’s another awesome way to save money and help you in a chaotic and lonely world.


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