Surviving night shift

The night shift is a bitch. Yes, we have a higher chance of getting robbbed, or at least burglarized. But it also can have detrimental effects on our health. Even though I’ve only been on them for about a year, there are a few things I can tell you about the night shift, at least from a retail perspective.

  1. It disrupts the natural circadian rhythm. More often than not i will tell customer to have a good day 10pm-3am and everthing after is “goodnight”.
  2. Social isolation. Not many people hang out at the store at 3am, which is nice sometimes for an introvert like me, but it is very true that isolation can cause depression and anxiety. Not to mention boredom.
  3. Getting things done. Not entirely a health problem but just try scheduling a doctor or dentist appointment for 2am when you’re off. Add in family events and wanting to socialize, it can go back to isolation. But it might be better than the alternative…
  4. #Therealteamnosleep. If you’re going to be working overnights and you are independent, you are still going to have to pay bills, and set appointments, school, etc. This meant for me pulling at least one day of week with only 4 hours of sleep.
  5. Safety. Being a clerk in an overnight store can be dangerous. Really, any place that is open 24 hours a day is a pretty easy target especially if you don’t have any type of security.
  6. Sunlight. I don’t like outside. The bugs, the heat/cold, the people, and last but not least is the sun. Vitamin D is essential for health, but unfortunately, unless I dont want to sleep, that wont be coming from the sun
  7.  Metabolic Problems. According to a study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers in the journal Science Translational Medicine, working the night shift can up insulin levels and lead to a higher chance of developing diabeetes and becoming obese.I mean I have to throw those doughnuts away anyways..
  8. Shift work disorder. I couldn’t believe this was a thing. Until I actually thought about it… Thos comes from not being able to fully synchronize your internal clock to your shift. It comes with a fun cornucopia of awful side effects.

Now that I’ve got you good and scared, I will link you up to a fantastic article about protecting yourself from these side effects.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!


Some Really Harsh Realities of Getting Your Shit Together.

I am a proud ex-party girl. I know. With all the lame shit I post on here, you probably wouldn’t have guessed.

Yes, going from a little hoodrat to a moderately successful, workaholic was a very strange transition. One I, and everyone who knew me, never expected me to make. 

There’s a lot more to this whole “adult” thing than I expected. There were a lot of things that had to change to get to where I am. A lot of lessons that were really hard to learn.

  • Functionality is key. I love decorating everything and I never understood minimalism. Until I had absolutely no time to deal with extra. I never imagined living in the same 8 outfits, yet here I am.
  • Friends forever means you either stay a child, or try to raise your friends to your level. Neither of which I have time to do. Sad but true, few of my friends got to contunue being in my life. Negativity is too draining theese days. Still love them and wish them the best, but I have to be around people with aspiration to be better.
  • Partying is only fun when you don’t have to work the next day. And even then, you think of the laundry sitting in a pile, the dishes in the sink, the bill you have an hour left to pay. Yes, I miss it occasionally. But I don’t make plans to spend tine with people who only want to drink or waste away on the couch.
  • You realize little things you thought you needed, are a total waste of money. I can make a better (and stronger) macchiato at home. Yeah it’s not as cool without the green straw, but it’s still delicious.
  • It really is about the little things. The 4th weeks of doubles, I broke down and started bawling. I missed my grandma. The next day (my day off) I went to her house and gave her the biggest hug I think I ever had in my life. And just like that I had enough fight to go back to work the next day with a huge smile on my face.
  • Most people arent happy or even proud of you. And as much as I hate to break it to you, it’s not because they’re jealous. The thing is, especially being young, most people dont think of it as a priorty. They have several small short term goals and don’t even realize there is a bigger picture.
  • You’re boring. I’m sorry. Really, I am. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to accept. Yes, you can be funny and smart and awesome. But they just see someone who doesn’t go out and doesn’t have any drama in there life. That’s not exciting for them to hear about. Nobody cares how much OT you got last week. If it makes you feel any better I’m excited for you.
  • You get really picky about how and who you spend your time with. You so rarely have actual free time, you start to question whether or not you want to go hang out with some guy that blows you off every other week. You wonder if you’d rather take a nap or finish that book you’ve been reading.
  • You’ll begin to realize life isn’t as complicated as it was when you were living the day to day. You aren’t worried about what you’re doing next weekend. You worry about whether or not you should renew your lease or look for a house. 
  • And finally, you’ll probably get lonely. Like I said before, especially when you’re young. It’s hard to meet other 20-somethings that want to rule the world. Even harder to find others that actually put in the leg work.

    But keep your head up. Remember your life is about you and those you care about. Eventually you’ll cross paths with ithers with the same goals and aspirations as you, and you’ll remember you’re alienated. Not an actual alien.