The cost of Convienience

We’re all busy. None of us really want to cook tonight, and sometimes we really dont even want to go through a drive through. Not when we have the ability to have a hot delicious pizza delivered to our door in under 30 minutes.  

But convenience comes at a price and sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it really isn’t.

Here are some common convenience costs and how to avoid them them:

  • Atm fees- 1$ to 3$ dollars to withdraw money that’s yours. Absolutely not. Avoid ATM fees by keeping cash on you, strictly going through your bank, and utilizing cash back at stores.
  • Delivery fees- I probably haven’t said it already but, I AM A BUSY PERSON. However I refuse to pay 5 dollars plus a tip for something that wouldve taken me five minutes  to pick up. While im at it. Fast food in general is a waste of money. Most of it has minimal nutritional value. Avoid splurging on munchies by keeping snacks in your car and pre-packing and freezing your meals.
  • Outsourcing your chores- Whether it be cleaning or lawn mowing, paying someone to do thing you could be doing is a waste of money. Just don’t fall for it. 
  • Convienience stores- I get it literally every night, “Why is this so much more expensive than (wherever)”.  Because, your paying for the convenience of being able to buy milk at 3am. We get our milk the same price of everyone. Avoid the extra by simply planning ahead. Don’t write lists, keep them on your phone. You ALWAYS have your phone.
  • Paper towels- Laundry sucks, I get it. Rags are just as effective and if you know how to thread a needle, you won’t really even need to buy them.
  • Coffee- I dont without coffee. Really anything. I don’t anything without it. But the cheapest cup of coffee I’ve bought was 24 oz.  for $1.83. Which is 56(ish) dollars a month that I really shouldn’t be spending, soooo… I bring a cup (or two) of pre-brewed coffee to work with me, load of on their free sugar and cream and on the off chance I need more, get the refill discount, which is almost free with the employee discount.
  • Check, debit, and sometimes cash fee’s- Why am I charged more for trying to pay my bills? That doesn’t even… Whatever. My Insurance charges $5 for using a debit card!!!! That’s insane! You’re charging me extra for paying!! The first time they told me that I always brought cash, and because I’ve also been chrged extra for paying with cash, I always keep cash, checks, debit, and credit cards on me.
  • Overdraft fee’s- I only add this one because forgetting bills is so incredibly convienient. Did you know Americans spend billions of dollars a year in overdraft things? I’ll pass. Set up Auto-pay, set reminders, staple your bills to your clothes, whatever you do, don’t be a statistic.
  • Laws?- Okay, so not really the laws themselves, but what you pay for breaking them. Speeding because you’re late will cost you more than that ten minutes you missed of work.
  • Bottled water- Never understood why people bother with bottled water. I bought a filtered water bottle 3 years ago that tastes just as good as fiji.
  • Health food stores- So there are some instances where this may be the only option to get what you need, But if you’re just looking for organic produce, You’re better off shopping at the famers market. Plus you can actually ask questions about your products from those who grew it. 
  • Gym memberships- Unless you’re as strong and thin as you can possibly get at home- it’s a waste. I understand the appeal, but really, I still regret signing my contract. I love my gym but I know I can get the same exercise at home.

    My problem with convenience is that it can come at such a high cost. You think, “Well I work so much, I don’t have time for this”, when in reality, you could be spending less time working if you’d spend less time spending.