A Macaron Delight!

My sister is so talented. Really, she’s so great at so many things. Her biggest weakness is working. It’s weird how I got that drive and she didn’t. Granted it was pretty flip-flopped when we were younger. But I think she could really make this one work for her. 

So we are eaters. Not gonna lie binge-eaters is probably a more appropriate word, BUT I want to keep this one light-hearted. I love making facebook pages for people. 

I did one for my art:

I did one for my aunt’s bottles: https://www.facebook.com/Belvitro/

And now I am working on one for my sisters delicious macarons:https://www.facebook.com/alittlemacarondelight/

I didn’t get the name. (Like a little afternoon delight) I told her we should’ve made it “Thugg Boots Macarons” But she obviously didnt get it.

This is a lot of fun for me though, I love working on my promoting and advertisement skills. And I like investing in thing for no more than my free time. 

See I try to motivate everyone around me in every way I can, because I am absolutely DESPERATE to have others in my life that crave success in the same way that I do. 

Hopefully soon, I will be helping her make a blog to share her process, her recipes, and more delicious picture of her Macarons!

That’s that for now, just wanted to give my two-cents about my newest venture. Thanks guys!


Saving money: Starbucks

Coffee is the key. To everything I think… As dysfunctional as I may be, coffee keeps me moderately sane. 

The second key, however happens to be money. My life is a struggle between wanting high-end coffee drinks and saving my hard earned money. So I’ve been looking into it and I think I found the perfect-o recipe to an amazing Starbucksks- ish macchiato. 

Step 1: Drench the glass- Typically it would just be caramel but I added a lil sumn-sumn.

Step 2: Add vanilla- 2 tbps give or take depending on glass size and personal preference. 

Step 3: Add milk- Fill a little under 1/2 full. Vanilla Almond milk is my favorite. If you’re a wimp this is the stage to add extra creamer.

Step 4: Add coffee or espresso- Obviously espresso is the best choice, but if you dont have it make a super small, super strong brew. Good coffee is key for this one. Leave a little space for the goodies at the top. (Or not if you want to make it light.)

Step 5: Add ice or not. Makes it more chuggable. 

Step 6: Dress it up! Top it off like a frappucino and enjoy your coffee and your savings 😍

Hope ya enjoyed it! Trying to add some variety to the things I put on here so I’ll add some of the weird other things I do to save a few bucks. Cuz every penny counts!

How to maintain your health when you’re a workaholic

The first time one of my regulars called me a workaholic, I gotta admit, my chest swelled with pride. Now, I hear almost daily “Do you ever go home?” (Rarely.) 

Everyone loves hearing what a hard worker they are, but sometimes it comes at a cost. Month two of doubles, after a meeting with my boss about the direction of my career, my legs gave out standing up. I literally faceplanted in front of my boss.

I wasnt just embarrased, I became extremely concerned about the toll of the physical and psychological stress I was under. The money was good, but was it worth possibly destroying my body?

If you are going to be a crazy workaholic like myself, you’re going to have to take care of your health, or you could do permanent damage to yourself.

Now I’ve never been a great role model for good health. I smoke too much and I rely a bit too heavily on coffee. BUT, the way that I live depends on me being able to get up and go at any point in time, for hours and hours. Sooooo without further adieu, here are some good tips for maintaing your health as a workaholic:

  • Mental health matters too: If you are breaking down in tears over, anything really, it might be a good idea to ask for a little extra time off to just come to terms with yourself. People will be sympathetic, if you’re willing to lay it out for them.
  • Don’t sacrifice your sleep: Yes, I know you miss having fun. Yes, I know you want to watch tv and process the day. But disrupting your already chaotic sleep schedule can be absolutely destructive. Your body needs it. Your mind needs it. You need it. 
  • Eat often: Snacks rule. You’re tired and you’re cranky. You’re hangry and other people dont want to hear it. Don’t wait till break or when you get home keep lots of HEALTHY snack in your bag, in your pocket, in your desk, and in your car. Your coworkers/customers/sanity will thank you.
  • Eat HEALTHY: You cannot survive on fast food and pizza. I tried. It does not work. Food is fuel and it can be nourishing and revitalizing or it can be garbage that makes you sluggish and tired.
  • Exercise: This one is kind of meh, if you work on your feet for 16 hours a day. If I didn’t love both of my jobs, I would get one active and one sedentary.  But regardless, if you’re sluggish and tired get up and move. It doesnt have to be a lot to be effective.
  • Don’t let your hygiene suffer. Nothing is quite as demoralizing as waking up one day and realizing you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair. Make time to het yourself together before work, and if you have a second job, kepp toothpaste and a toothbrush, deodorant and a hairbrush on you or in your car.
  • Keep your vices in check: I remember one specific incident that always reminds me to only cut loose if im not working. It involves a stress old 20yr. old and a bottle of tequila. Long story short, it did not end well. And if you smoke, don’t use stressed out or tired as an excuse to up the habit, if anything it should give you more of a reason to quit.

    My last and final tip is to know when you need a break. One particular week of exactly 12 hours of sleep I broke down crying and called in for the first time in 2 years. But it had to be done. Don’t feel guilty for not being invincible. 

    Stay happy, stay positive, and happy hustling 😊

    Why having two jobs is awesome:

    I’m a do-er. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. I know I dont want a basic life so I know I have to live a non-basic lifestyle. I work roughly 80 hours a week and spend most of my free time thinking of ways to make, or save more money. 

    80 hours a week. Lets talk about that. There’s 168 hours in one week. 80 hours spent at work, about 46 hours are spent sleeping (absolutely no wiggle room there) about 9 hours a week spent getting ready for work, a 15 mintue drive to, from, and home daily so lets say roughly 4 hours hours driving a week. I’m left with 31 hours a week to pay bills, go shopping, see my family, clean(ish), and trying to live somewhere in between all that mess. 

    Wow. It sounds super depressing when you put it like that. 

    The thing is I love working. Even if I hate my jobs sometimes, I’ve always been passionate about doing a good job and making do with what I have.

    Having two jobs is like having twin 2 year olds constanly screaming at you for attention. One is always crying and the other one is always jealous of you taking care of the crying baby. 

    It was a major lifestyle adjustment but in the 4 months since I’ve picked up my second job, I’ve learned sooooo much. Here’s why i literally kill myself working two jobs:

    1. 2 separate 401k plans. If you aren’t taking advantage of your 401k, you’re insane and missing out on a lot of money. In my experience, companiesw will usually match up to 7%. Which is awesome, but what if you could get 14% without really missing out on anything? Most people would say they can’t afford to start saving up for retirement right now, but honestly, you cant afford not too.
    2. Extra job security. I recently heard a rumor that one of my jobs is planning on selling a few of our stores throughout the states. They assured us no jobs were in jeopardy but i know how that game goes. No chances for this gal.
    3. More opportunities. While i consider my overnight job my main job (40+ hours guaranteed) The workload at the bakery is  getting insane. They’ve only had one cake decorator for about a year now. While she insists she has it totally under control, I think i can upsell enough cakes to change her mind. Cake decorating, being one of my favorite hobbies, the second they bring up hiring in someone else i swoon.
    4. It  might encourage your initial employer to consider your worth to the company. I’ve been pressuring my boss to move me back to management for some time now. Drop a few hints about how much everyone loves you at your new job, they’ll start to sweat. 
    5. More experiences. Not only do i have great customer service experience. In the past year alone I’ve acquired baking, desert finishing, and retail experience. That will look pretty bitchin on my next resume.
    6. New networking opportunities. If you’re anything like me, which you probably aren’t, because I’m a fucking alien, you probably have a hard time connecting with people. Trying to be an entrepreneurial introver is the worst. But after 4 months Im totally comfortable at my new jobs and I made friends with this awesome chick who offered to make my sisters business card in exchange for some macarons. Working at a bakery is the shit. 
    7. More money (duh) I mean, yeah, no better way to put it.

      See, it’s not awful, Im not totally miserable, though i am perpetually exhausted.  It’s making me stronger, it’s making me tougher, and in some super weird way, I think its making me happier.


      4 weeks straight, Going on five. Missed easter. Missed my roomates birthday. Missed my nephews first hair cut. Missed 90% of everything else going on in the world. 

      But its all gonna be worth it. 14% of my monthly income goes straight into my retirement. 250$ a month into my investment portfolio. 50$ to my savings. 100$ to live off of. The rest goes to paying off my legal fees and pulling myself out of debt.

      Some people would say I dont really have a life. But I disagree. Ive got two decent jobs for an uneducated 21 yr. old, a sick little studio apartment, and a bitchin brand new 2017 ford focus. I’ve got everything I need and I’m in the process of aquiring everything I want.  I want to work for myself, and I want to get bloody rich doing it. I have ample skill in all things creative and theres not a medium that comes to mind that I havent worked with or studied.

      Yeah, yeah, I know, money isnt everything. But financial security? Professional freedom? Sleeping in once a week? Cant think of anything I deserve more…

      Im 21, of course I want to have fun. No, I didn’t want to work until 7am on my 21st birthday then go back in at 4pm with the world’s most excruciating hangover. But I will do whatever it takes to live the kind of life I deserve. 80 hours a week? No problem. 6 hours of sleep max? Easy peasy. Spending the rest of my free time working on my extra side hustles? That one actually sounds like fun…